Mufidah Abdul Rahman: Google Doodle Pays Tribute to One of the First Female Lawyers from Egypt

Mufidah Abdul Rahman was the first married woman in Egypt to graduate from Cairo University’s Faculty of Law. Check out her Google Doodle below.

20th January 2020 is Mufidah Abdul Rahman’s 106th Birth Anniversary. To celebrate the legacy of one of the first female lawyers from Egypt, Google has shared a special doodle illustrated by Cairo-based guest artist Deena Mohamed. Born in 1914, Mufidah was among the first women to graduate from Cairo University’s Faculty of Law and was the first married woman to graduate from there. She was also the first Egyptian woman to practise law in Cairo and take on cases at the Court of Cassation and in the south of Egypt, and to plead a case before a military court in the country. She also co-founded the National Feminist Party, an organisation advocating for universal suffrage in Egypt

The Google Doodle description reads, “This Doodle also highlights the more personal moments in Abdul Rahman’s life, from being the young lawyer who received payment in eggs and fruits to the mother who enjoyed a rich family life with her nine children and supportive husband. Throughout her distinguished career, Abdul Rahman defended over 400 court cases, became a member of Egyptian Parliament, and never stopped fighting justice.”

Mufidah Abdul Rahman's Google Doodle

Google has also shared some initial sketches and thoughts by the guest artist. Deena Mohammed said it has been cool to “research the life of such a pioneer” and added, “Mufida is still one of the most prominent lawyers in our history, but even listening to her talk you can see her principles and compassion shine through."

Responding to a question on his main inspiration for the doodle, Deena said, "Definitely from Mufida’s life. I wanted to draw her because she has such a strong aesthetic. I love showing older women succeed late into their life, but also the small details about her like how she was paid at first in eggs and fruit, her love for her family, and her cool bonnets.”